You will be hard pressed to find a frown on anyone’s face at a Pinholes gig; the band loves entertaining the crowd with their quirky onstage banter and hilarious antics. Within their set, you’ll probably hear them express their love for their home base of Bukit Batok, as well as their desire to just have everyone let loose and enjoy themselves by dancing along. And if you’re keen, they will probably even invite you to their void decks to jam after the show in exchange for some good coffeeshop kopi.

Despite their largely laidback nature, The Pinholes are a hardworking bunch when it comes to their music. Motivated in part by their big dreams (ie. Glastonbury), even having several key line-up changes over the years have failed to inundate frontman Fahmie’s determination to keep the band going.

The band were due to play at the most recent edition of Vietnam’s Cama Festival in October – but the festival was cancelled at the final hour due to the untimely death of the country’s General Vo Nguyen Giap. Despite being unable to play the festival itself, the band still made full use of their time in Vietnam. Watch their latest music video for ‘Long Live Rock N Roll’, where the band unleash their infectious personalities onto the streets of Vietnam in their trademark tailored suits – simultaneously bringing smiles to locals and random tourists alike.

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