Photo: Paulo Legaspi Styling: Jane Cometa

Photo: Paulo Legaspi, Styling: Jane Cometa

Dragonfly Collector is the new solo project of Clementine Castro, who also fronts alternative rock band The Camerawalls.

‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ is the first single off his upcoming debut album, The World is Your Oyster. This stunning track was released late last year, and its brilliant aesthetic is without doubt the accumulated product of Clementine’s various endeavours in music within the last decade.

The music video for ‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ is tastefully directed and child talent Makshi Nachor does excellently in his role as the protagonist. Exquisite landscapes of the shoreline and tropical jungle feature prominently, and inadvertently promote the municipality of Dingalan, Aurora in the Philippines where filming took place.

Watch the official video for ‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ below.

Dragonfly Collector’s debut solo album The World Is Your Oyster is in the final stages of completion. In the meantime however, you can sign up to the official Dragonfly Collector mailing list in order to download ‘There Is No Remaining in Place’ for free! Click here for the goods.