There were two things that struck me after watching DEON‘s video for ‘Summer’, off his sophomore effort, Oceans.


  • Everything looks extra cool when it’s in Reverse (with a capital R)
    If you’re half expecting some of the people in the video to bump into each other… you are not alone. This of course brings forth the question – why are music videos shot in reverse motion so damn mesmerizing? (%) (%) (%)
  • The colour white is a very significant colour
    You see white can represent many things: purity, innocence, truth, etc. In the music video for ‘Summer’ however, the deliberate overuse of the colour white represents a blank canvas that is begging to be coloured.

[/su_list] If you haven’t done it already, watch the video below. It is very art. You will like it.

Singer-songwriter Deon Toh (a.k.a DEON) has released his sophomore effort, Oceans.
It is now available on iTunes.
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