Charles J Tan‘s music video for his latest single, ‘Terrified’, showcases snippets of the singer-songwriter’s most recent tour, “Go North”. The name of the tour is rather apt – it is both a play on the title of his most recent album, Maybe Somewhere North, as well as a cheeky means to point out that he would be playing shows across the northern hemisphere (Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, etc).

The “Go North” tour has seen Charles and his band crossing cultural barriers and confronting their fears of being unable to communicate in fluent Mandarin with their Chinese audiences. They also happened to be the unfortunate victims of a dodgy hotel scam which almost saw them roughing the night on the streets of Hong Kong; until they agreed to an overpriced room equipped with two tiny beds for five full grown men. Watch the band present the “Chungking Mansion” fiasco with a dose of humour in this video.

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The music video for ‘Terrified’ is put together by Marcus Huang.

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