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Forget slow build ups, forget exercising restraint, forget crafting intricate lines that slowly lead up to a crescendo-ed musical climax. Expect to be greeted by a blast of dirty, sprawling guitar fuzz on this number from The Whitest Crow and Gangs.

Titled ‘Little Fox’, the track is an intuitive blend of psychedelica and hard rock. The lyrics, though simple, seem borne out of a spaced-out psychedelic LSD trip. Fuse that with an addictive riff, as well as Plant/Osbourne inspired vocals and you’re guaranteed a track that would make you feel completely alive.

The band’s other tracks such as ‘Scopolamine’ further showcase their ability to produce tracks that fulfill the transcendent promise of the psychedelic genre. Fellow lovers of stoner rock take note – for it might be worthwhile to keep an eye (or rather a ear) on this band from Thailand.

EDIT: Since this post, the band has since shortened their name to The Whitest Crow: Facebook | Youtube

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