Leslie Low, frontman of Singapore-based band The Observatory has released a solo instrumental effort, titled Longing. The ten track album is now available for digital download via Low’s own Bandcamp page. You can also get your hands on a limited edition vinyl LP (limited to 100 copies) through the good people behind¬†Ujikaji Records.

Recorded in Bergen in 2011, the album features a series of spectral yet earthly¬†soundscapes crafted by Low. It makes for an intriguing listen, though arguably, an album that relies heavily on emotional ambience might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Have a listen to ‘A Pale Resemblance’ off Longing below. With its soft and subtle hues, the track has a sonic palette that is mostly fluid. Yet, despite this, the underlying incongruities in ‘A Pale Resemblance’ are undeniably inescapable.

Get your hands on Longing at the following links: Leslie Low’s Bandcamp | Ujikaji Records