Polymorphous EP CV

Album Art: Noor Idzuan

Polymorphous is a double bill of two of Singapore’s finest rock bands – ANECHOIS and Paris in the Making. This newly released split side EP is a remarkable exploration of dissonant yet harmonic musical gestures in true instrumental prog-rock fashion. While both bands showcase their technical abilities with complex rhythms and melodies, quieter passages in their music reveal that they have a mellow edge as well.

Fittingly, the five-track EP culminates in the 9 minute collaborative epic, ‘Polymorphous’. Distinctive elements from both bands are apparent within the track – perhaps an overt attempt at justifying the title of the release. Undoubtedly, there were certain subtleties that could have been nuanced a little further to maximize its impact. However, these talented musicians attack their music with an unbridled enthusiasm that is likely to draw the listener in irregardless.

In fact, considering the amount of energy emanating from the entirety of Polymorphous, it’s easy to gloss over the fact that this is largely a DIY effort from both bands.

The album is now available digitally via Bandcamp. Physical copies (cassette form + download code) can be obtained via Canopus Distro.

Stay updated with these two excellent bands at the following links:

ANECHOIS: Facebook | Twitter
Paris in the Making: Facebook | Twitter

1. Entity (Paris in the Making)
2. Origins (Paris in the Making)
3. Love and Serenity (ANECHOIS)
4. Future (ANECHOIS)
5. Polymorphous (ANECHOIS & Paris in the Making)