‘If I like it, I’ll write about it’

The music selected and showcased on is lovingly selected by one woman.

As the site is based in Singapore, the music featured here will have a distinctive Singapore-slant. You might also notice a slight preference for bands and acts from the Southeast Asian region as well.


Your queries are being handled at the following email address:

If you’re in a band (or represent one) and would like to submit your music to the site for consideration, drop me an email with your music and/or press release. If your music is going to be featured, you should receive a reply within 36hours (or less).

If you represent an artist and would like your music removed from the site, please email me as well and I will get to it promptly.

If you have a bright idea that you would like to be a part of, drop me an email too. I’m listening.

Preference will always be given to independent acts from Southeast Asia.

Do note that I encourage and advocate¬†supporting artistes by purchasing their music. Emails asking for mp3s of tracks will not be entertained. (C’mon you should know better).

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