There are some interesting dynamics at play in ‘Daughters and Sons’ by Thai outfit my life as ali thomas. The track soars and swoops at all the right places and Pie Kanyapak Wuttara paints a colourful canvas of emotions through her lyrics and vocal delivery.

Although details are a little sketchy at the moment, the group is currently working on their debut album. And if the lead single is any indication, I think we’re set for a brilliantly magical record.

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Photo: Simon Marshall

Photo: Simon Marshall

After a cursory listen to their debut album, it was unsurprising to discover that instrumental four-piece Forbidden Planet were guided by a maxim commonly associated with the spiritual philosophy of Thelema – “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. In From the Bedroom to Oblivion: Two Decades of Obscurity, the band showcases flawless technique while adopting a philosophical vision that isn’t uncommon to bands of the progressive rock genre.


Take a listen to ‘A Fine Line’, where the band uses Bela Lugosi’s deliriously surreal monologue in Ed Wood’s ‘Glen or Glenda’ as leverage to launch into a more dramatic arrangement – complete with ambient backing keys and heavy, yet vibrant guitars.

Forbidden Planet’s album From the Bedroom to Oblivion is now available on the following platforms: Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

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Photo: Ardneks

Jakarta-based quartet Polka Wars are set to release their debut, Axis Mundi, via Helat Tubruk records.

The first single from the album, ‘Mokelé’, comes across as a sketchbook of ideas and sounds – a rather atypical approach for an indie rock track. But for an album thematically centred around the concept of binary opposites and cosmic dualisms, it seems almost necessary to ignore conventional rules of composition.

Curiously, the result is poetic in more ways than one and makes for an enjoyable listen.

01. Mokéle
02. Alfonso
03. Top Gear (Moths & Flies)
04. This Providence
05. Horse’s Hooves
06. Lovers
07. Tall Stories
08. Piano Song


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To order the CD version of Axis Mundi (released Aug 1st): Helat Tubruk

Photo: Marsh Kids

Photo: Marsh Kids

Indonesian outfit Marsh Kids have released the lead single from their upcoming debut album, The Many Failings of Bugsy Moonblood.

These self-professed flamboyant rockers win you over with their memorable melodies, while exploring innovative textures that expand their sound exponentially.

‘Inclination’ might first overwhelm you with its psychedelic fluff – but this supergroup of prolific Indonesian musicians somehow manage to ensure that they each leave their distinctive mark on the track (a remarkable feat for a sextet!)


Malaysian rock outfit The Endleaves have released their debut, self-titled full-length album. The 10-track album is a collection of songs that hark back to the grunge rock hits of the 90s. As listeners, we are treated to sludgy slabs of guitar driven-rock in tracks like ‘Just Dream On’ and presented with a mellower sound on tracks like the classic-rock tinged, melodically accessible ‘Set Me Free’.

On first listen, the songs on the album come across as beguiling, yet simple. The band has adopted an in-your-face approach that has led to 10 tracks that are rather different, yet undeniably consistent.

The track ‘Forget’ is a subdued number that starts off moody and contemplative. By the second chorus however, ‘Forget’ adopts an almost pleading tone which the band uses as leverage to turn the track into a soaring rock number with energetic conviction. There’s nothing remarkably new or innovative about the track itself – you’re bound to have heard other songs done in similar fashion. However, The Endleaves succeed in still leaving an impression despite making use of the familiar (and at times overdone). Have a listen to ‘Forget’ below.

Additionally, if you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur this February 7th, join The Endleaves at Merdekarya for their album launch. Details here.

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