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Photo: Facebook

Singapore-based producer Fauxe has, time and time again, proved his chops as a producer in both in his recorded material as well as live performances. With the exception of a select few who actually know the producer personally, to most of us regular folk he’s the mysterious, masked producer delighting our aural senses with slick beats, tunes and remixes. His music is more than just a selection of carefully selected samples, for Fauxe clearly invests his own feelings into the sounds he crafts in the sanctuary of his bedroom studio.

I finally got down to checking out his two latest tracks, ‘Night Ride’ and ‘Hold Me’. On first listen both tracks seem to have different vibes about them, but it soon becomes clear that the moods presented aren’t entirely dissimilar.

‘Hold Me’ in particular, quickly became a personal favourite. A heart-wrenching string sample added the right amount of emotional drama to the track’s ambient soundscape, and a slightly disconcerted drum machine rhythm brought about the right measure of uncertainty needed to accentuate the track’s innate vulnerability.

Stream and download both ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Night Ride’ via Fauxe’s Soundcloud page.

Listen: Sigmun – Aerial Chateau

Sigmun Live

Photo: Bunga Apriestia

Indonesian rockers Sigmun are set to grace the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre with their freudian-inspired, unique blend of psychedelic post-rock on May 31st and June 1st.

The band recently released four-track EP Cerebro, a title that alludes to an anatomical feature of the human brain (or for those familiar with Marvel Universe’s X-men franchise, a device that enhances Professor X’s ability to detect mutants).

The third track off their Cerebro EP, ‘Ring of Saturn’, is an outstanding musical masterpiece. The track starts off with a poetic monologue about Outer Space – accompanied with a murky, delayed guitar. A bassline mimicking the distinctive pulse of a spaceship is soon introduced, and the the listener is taken on a sonic exploration of outer space, where cosmic distances are temporarily overcome.

Sigmun‘s dark instrumentation take centre stage on the Cerebro EP. Vocals are seen as a means to either enhance the music conceptually, as on ‘Ring of Saturn’, or texturally, as in ‘The Long Haul’. The use of a vocal filter on EP closer ‘Atom Heart Feather’ serves as an interestingly monotonous counter-melody to an expressive guitar line.

In contrast to the tracks off their EP, Sigmun’s latest single ‘Aerial Chateau’ is a psychedelic number whereby vocals are the undeniable focal point. Vocalist Haikal Azizi’s Robert Plant-esque vocals complement a gentle, swirly guitar refrain in the verse, before leading up to a emotionally explosive chorus. Although essentially ‘Aerial Chateau’ is still an intrinsically solemn number, there is a degree of affection in the song’s treatment. While the lyrics on the track call for a lover to “Come on and embrace me”, it is perhaps not too far fetched to also perceive it as an invitation into Sigmun’s realm of musical brilliance.

Both ‘Aerial Chateau’ and the Cerebro EP are available for download  here.
Follow Sigmun’s updates on their Facebook page.

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