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Little is known about this singer-songwriter from Singapore. However, Koffkoff seems to have an interesting, unconventional take on acoustic emo-folk that harks back to early 90’s grunge. His latest single, ‘root your stance and face apocalypse’ employs a grittier production and mellower approach from his earlier work.

Give ‘root your stance and face apocalypse’ a listen below. A free download is also available on Koffkoff’s bandcamp page here.

Photo: Leafhopper

Photo: Leafhopper

Electronica duo +2db have released their hauntingly alluring debut, ‘+’.

Although ‘+’ is a relatively modest debut for Kuala Lumpur’s celebrated electronica duo, +2db succeed in crafting a homogeneous sound whilst exploring and blending different textures in their music.

The album’s strength lies in its simplicity – think concrete hooks with deliciously uncomplicated arrangements. While +2db’s atmospheric backdrop seems to be a product of a feverish dream, the emotive themes addressed in the lyrics keep things sombre and intriguing.

Have a listen to ‘Totem’, +2db’s collaboration with flame-haired producer Darren Ashley below.

Follow +2db at the following links: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Photo: Paulo Legaspi Styling: Jane Cometa

Photo: Paulo Legaspi, Styling: Jane Cometa

Dragonfly Collector is the new solo project of Clementine Castro, who also fronts alternative rock band The Camerawalls.

‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ is the first single off his upcoming debut album, The World is Your Oyster. This stunning track was released late last year, and its brilliant aesthetic is without doubt the accumulated product of Clementine’s various endeavours in music within the last decade.

The music video for ‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ is tastefully directed and child talent Makshi Nachor does excellently in his role as the protagonist. Exquisite landscapes of the shoreline and tropical jungle feature prominently, and inadvertently promote the municipality of Dingalan, Aurora in the Philippines where filming took place.

Watch the official video for ‘There Is No Remaining In Place’ below.

Dragonfly Collector’s debut solo album The World Is Your Oyster is in the final stages of completion. In the meantime however, you can sign up to the official Dragonfly Collector mailing list in order to download ‘There Is No Remaining in Place’ for free! Click here for the goods.


Bangkok-based band The Whitest Crow (formerly known as the Whitest Crow and Gangs) have done it again in their latest single, ‘Be With You’.

Since signing on to Thai label Rat Records, The Whitest Crow have been refocusing their energies in an effort to start afresh. Early fans of their sound however have little to worry about as the band have not abandoned their love for producing fiery rock music.

Although packaged as a modern rock track, ‘Be With You’ is also evidence that the band have hung on to their signature, psychedelic touch. While an understated bassline carries the verse forward, gruffly strummed guitar chords (interestingly enough) highlight the spontaneous nature of lead singer, Tritle’s heavily accented vocals. Admittingly, the pauses that come after every chorus do come across as a tad indulgent, but they carry out the meaningful task of transporting the listener into yet another bold, time-warping chapter.

‘Be With You’ is available for free download until February 14th 2014 via Soundcloud.

Follow The Whitest Crow at the following links: FacebookSoundcloud

Photo: The Community

Photo: The Community

This number from underground Australian rapper Mathas touches on cultural appropriation in ways that might get even the most apathetic of listeners thinking and embracing their inner sociologist. The following quote from the man himself best articulates the track’s intentions:

“There’s no denying Australia’s lack of a cultural food identity. I don’t know many meals or ingredients that are uniquely Australian. Most are adopted from English heritage or American influence. There are a plethora of native edibles that we know little about and are hardly used other than in a few modern restaurants, primarily due to how little contact we have or respect we demonstrate to the Indigenous peoples of our country. I believe sharing food is important to human social and evolutionary development and.. maybe.. just maybe we eat too many burgers by ourselves.” – Mathas

In ‘Nourishment’, Mathas combines his powerful lyrics with a stellar production that manages to emit the perfect amount of tension. He manages to balance the sensitivity of the subject matter well – exerting enough pressure to be potent, without shattering the fragile surface that encases it. It’s a remarkable track that showcases the fact that Mathas isn’t just another thoughtful rapper, he’s an ingenious wordsmith that constantly raises the bar with his songwriting.

The track is currently available for free download from Bandcamp.
Keep up with Mathas at the following links: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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