Born out of a desire to step outside their comfort zones, musicians Herald Reynaldo Sinaga and Wing Narada Putra put together their creative juices to form alternative R&B project Glovvess. The result is the delightful six-track EP, Fictional Stranger. While Glovvess might have started off as a side experiment for this immensely talented duo, expect none of the nonchalance of your typical side project.

The Glovvess sound is anchored in the joy and energy of funk and soul music. Contemporary R&B vocal stylings, groovy rhythms and shimmering keys make for an EP packed with enjoyable, delightful tunes.

In Fictional Stranger, the interconnected themes of love, admiration and romance are explored. Vocals throughout the entire album have an air of reverb about them – creating a whispery effect that only seems to make its delivery more earnest. And it is this earnestness that carries the music forward – as evident by the album’s numerous lyrical refrains. The line (“Which part of me do you want to see”) within the chorus of ‘Curiosity’ is repeated a grand total of 42 times, and often with little variation. Yet, it is an undeniably addictive refrain that will likely remain stuck in your head moments after.

Midway through the six-track compilation, Glovvess deliver an outstanding number. Squashed in between the summer jams that are ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Lead The Way’, as well as lasting for an all too brief two and a half minutes, you’ll be forgiven for dismissing ‘Home’ as a mere filler track. An unmistakably simpler approach is adopted in the track, with rhythmic percussive beats noticeably absent. Within this vein, album opener ‘Passage’ is another interesting listen. Though the track’s lyrics point to its rather solemn nature, a dreamy chorus and cold guitar melodies carve a ambient atmosphere that is hauntingly dark yet hopeful at the same time.

Undoubtedly, the musical aesthetic behind Fictional Stranger has been well-covered (yes, this is an euphemism) over the past few years. However Glovvess has succeeded in producing an album that is very much underpinned by electronica as it is blessed with neo-soul sensibilities. Absolutely refreshing.

As Fictional Stranger is also available for free download via Bandcamp, there is absolutely no reason to not add this gem to your music collection.

Track List:
04.Lead The Way
06.Why Oh You (Hard To Get)

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