Cover Art: T Y Zheng

Cover Art: T Y Zheng

The title of Cadence’s debut EP, Heights, clearly alludes to the fact that they desire to achieve so much more (greater heights you geddit?) Although it might seem rather cliché to describe a debut release as such, it is a fitting title for Cadence’s humble five-track release.

Driven by hooks and an undercurrent of youthful energy, it is clear that the band is still in the process of carving out a distinct musical identity. They have, however, put together an intriguing selection of tracks that is brimming with raw emotion and heartfelt sentiment.

After a brief introduction, the EP opens with ‘Reignition’- a number that bursts with life from the get-go before simmering down into the verse with a particularly strong lyrical hook –  “Hey now/ Why’d you let your sceptics paralyse you”. It is a familiar yet enticing brew for followers of the genre with its blend of reflective, lyrical advice in the verse followed by a hard-hitting, pit-ready chorus.

The band’s undeniable flair for writing anthems is also apparent in the delightful guitar riffs and melodies that accompany lead single, ‘Come Home’. Although the track doesn’t follow a conventional song structure, the instrumentation and vocals interchangeably soar and dip over a melody line beautifully.

There are several snags in the overall production of the release however; choruses don’t come across as blistering or as powerful as they should be and certain musical threads aren’t consistent with the band’s overall sound. These small hiccups however don’t detract from the fact that Cadence has presented us a memorable release that is genuinely honest and authentic.

While individual members have diverse current influences, it is pretty clear where Cadence draws their inspiration from as a collective. If you were a fumbling teenager in the mid to late 2000’s and swear by the likes of Anberlin, Copeland and Relient K (or West Grand Boulevard), give Heights from Cadence a spin.

Track List:
01. Reignition
02. Come Home
03. Zara
04. Walls
05. Alive
The EP also includes intro tracks ‘Stratosphere’ and ‘Nebula’.

Heights will be launched on Saturday, 14th November 2015, 7-8pm at Hood Bar and Café.

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