Singaporean singer-songwriter Inch Chua‘s sophomore album Bumfuzzle, is set to be released August 27th. The fuzz-filled and aptly titled album follows up her 2010 debut full-length, Wallflower. Over the years, Inch (iNCH.) has crafted a name for herself and is currently seen as one of the leading faces of Singapore’s indie music scene.

Find yourself unfamiliar with Singapore’s favourite petite, indie rocker? Well then, here’s five (seemingly random) reasons to listen to Inch Chua.

1. Peanut Butter

Before she started on her blazin’ solo career, Inch used to front Singapore indie rock band, Allura. The band was relatively short-lived, but remains respected within Singapore’s indie underground (I’d even say that they’re pretty legendary).

Photo: Aging Youth

“Mmmm. Hope that seaweed peanut butter is of the chunky variety”

The band remains memorable for a couple of reasons. For one, tracks like ‘Gamajazilion’ and ‘Closure’ have the ability to make listeners go all misty-eyed. And then there’s the cover art for Allura’s EP Wake Up and Smell the Seaweed – showcasing the glorious food that is peanut butter.[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3471308423 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=false t=3]

How did the creative process behind the album’s cover lead to seaweed flavoured peanut butter? Does it really matter? It’s peanut butter! Peanut butter is a choice sandwich spread for countless of hungry individuals round our little globe because it is awesome. Allura has good taste.

(Photo: Aging Youth)

2. #SGPRIDE (hashtag included)

Disclaimer: There’s an entire debate out there about why we shouldn’t support musicians simply because they’re from Singapore. On one hand, it is tiring having people bash others for coming up with slogans such as “Support Local Music” but on the other it’s exasperating to have people trying to get you to attend their gigs because you should “Support Local Music”.


…let’s forget about that debate for a moment and focus on the goodness of Inch Chua’s music.


“C’mon girl can sing. Show some #sgpride”

Singapore’s glitzy skyline, iconic Merlion and infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands provide excellent backdrops for touristy photos of our island. Yup, Singapore isn’t exactly short on spectacular landmarks – there are fascinating sights all over our little island. But wouldn’t it be nice to have Singapore recognized for her music as well?

There’s a budding pool of creative musical talent within Singapore. And with her saccharine voice, poetic lyrics and charming personality; Inch Chua is producing songs we’re happy to sing along to. And we’re hoping the rest of the world will catch on with our obsession with this pint-sized rocker soon.

(Photo: Callum Aldrin Smith)

3. Fancy Guitars 

Alright, perhaps this bit is a little personal. I’m pretty much a gear slutz – although sadly I don’t quite understand the absolute specifics of what goes on within my own pedalboard.

"Do you have G.A.S. yet?"

“Do you have G.A.S. yet?”

Inch isn’t just some good-looking girl holding an equally good-looking guitar. Girl knows her stuff. In fact, she briefly hosted a Youtube series titled “Gear Gawk” – which as the title suggests, saw her outlining musicians’ gear and set-ups. She also sold off her Taylor 314ce to raise funds for her Bumfuzzle album – which might also hint that she’s moving on to better equipment *excite*.

(Photo: Kevin Knight)

4. Radiohead

“She’s counts Radiohead as one of her influences.”

Yes, typical isn’t it?

"No Surprises with Inch"

“No Surprises with Inch”

Here’s how she stands out: Inch has enough balls to cover a Radiohead song (make that two songs) and post the covers on Youtube thus opening herself up to criticism from over-zealous Radiohead fans and worshippers who go crazy when you do Thom Yorke’s falsettos all wrong.

Radiohead covers aside, unsurprisingly, you’ll find shades of Radiohead in her original music too. In fact her latest release, Bumfuzzle, is a shining example of her varied music influences – ranging from alternative rock to the intricacies of jazz music.

(Photo: Youtube/Inch Chua)

5. BIGFOOT (a.k.a Sasquatch)

Have you watched the ‘Artful Dodger’ video?

Inch filmed the music video for the lead single off Bumfuzzle in L.A a couple of months ago with the wonderful people behind Mighty Fresh. It’s a pretty interesting conceptual video that has Inch running around with a torchlight and camera as she tries to search for a missing person – but ends up encountering Bigfoot.

So Inch follows a Bigfoot into a cave, peeks around, finds an entire family of Bigfoots, watches them play ping pong for awhile, but eventually gets discovered by said family of Bigfoots and then…

… she turns into a Bigfoot too.

"Artful Bigfoot"

“Artful Bigfoot”

After which she puts all the other Bigfoots to shame by showing off her singing and guitar playing skills. Pretty cunning eh?

If you haven’t already done so, watch the video for ‘Artful Dodger’ here.

(Photo: Youtube/Inch Chua)


Don’t forget to add Bumfuzzle to your playlists August 27th. In the meantime, keep yourself updated with everything iNCH gets up to at the following links:

Facebook | Twitter | Website

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